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1- Introductory phase: Pathways to Cooperation

2 – Covid-19 and Organic Agriculture. Organic food consumption – a step forward for sustainability

3 – Contributions from the Work Groups of GAOD: n° 1 Organic Districts’ Integrated Management, Planning, Governance and Policies; n° 6 Communication; n° 7 Youth in Organic Agriculture 

4 – Contributions from the Work Groups of GAOD: n° 2 Tourism and Gastronomy; n° 4 Food processing, distribution, consumption. Food and nutrition security, quality and health

5 – Contributions from the Work Groups of GAOD: n° 3 organic and regenerative farming; n° 5 social issues

15-16 October 2020, Bruxelles, Farm To Fork EU Commission Conference: video-contribution on Organic District by Basile/Hertwig

16 October 2020, ALGOA and GAOD Declaration in the World Food Day

12-16 October 2020, 6th ALGOA Summit “Building Alliances Beyond Asia” and Inaugural GAOD Summit. It will also take place online.


Goesan County, South Korea – The Young Organics Global Network (YOGN) was formally launched in a virtual event on September 18th, 2020 at 1430 Korean Standard Time.

18 September 2020, 5th Anniversary of ALGOA and Asia Organic Day. Opening Ceremony will start at 14:00 Korean Standard Time (at 7 AM Central European Time). More info.

ALGOA Newsletter, issue 1, September 2020:

  • GAOD Co-presidents election
  • ALGOA celebrates 5 years & Asia Organic Day
  • 6th ALGOA Summit “Building Alliances Beyond Asia”

With the successful hosting of the “ALGOA+4 International Summit on Organic Agriculture Policy” in 2019, ALGOA has made great strides in forming global alliances across the world.
On Feb 6th, 2020, in Rome, Italy, ALGOA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Network of Eco-regions, supported by IFOAM-Organics International, IFOAM Asia, IFOAM EU, the Baltic Foundation of Lithuania and the members of the Organic Food System Program for future cooperation.
On April 15th, the signers of the MoU in February invited other organizations such as Regeneration International, League of Organic Municipalities, Cities and Provinces of the Philippines (LOAMCP-PH), etc and in the ensuing discussions, the Global Alliance of Organic Districts (GAOD) was born.

Seven Work Groups (WGs) have been defined. Within each Work Group the participants will develop initiatives focused on different stages of knowledge production, dissemination and application.

Setting up different Work Groups (WGs) reflecting the topics involved in Organic Districts management is our core organizational measure to facilitate and support concrete actions. Each WG has participants from the GAOD Partner Meetings. It is also recommended that, when possible, similar WGs are established at the level of each Organic District for local involvement and actions. Hence the organization structure includes two levels: GAOD General Work Groups and GAOD Local Work Groups.

Work Group 1 Organic Districts Integrated Management
Work Group 2 Tourism and Gastronomy
Work Group 3 Regenerative/Organic Farming – Agroecology- Natural Resources Management and Energy production
Work Group 4 Food processing, distribution, consumption. Food and nutrition security, quality and health.
Work Group 5 Social issues: social agriculture, communities’ enforcement, Urban-Rural relations
Work Group 6 Communication
Work Group 7 Youth and Organic Agriculture