Objectives of the Work Group: Support the Organic Districts in the development of activities related to the start-up, management and organization of different sustainable production models where the Regenerative/Organic farming – Agroecology go hand in hand with the strictly related Natural resources management and Energy production. This will provide a strong support for the Organic Districts in the sustainable supply of food, fiber and ecosystem services which represent the core of the activities.


Andrè LEU


International Director, Regeneration International
Andre Leu is the Author of ‘Poisoning our Children’ and the ‘Myths of Safe Pesticides.’ He is the International Director of Regeneration International, an organization that promotes food, farming and land use systems that regenerate and stabilise climate systems, the health of the planet and people, communities, culture and local economies, democracy and peace.

He was the President of IFOAM – Organics International, the world change agent and umbrella body for the organic sector from 2011 to 2017. IFOAM – Organics International has around 850 member organisations in127 countries.


Victoriano                    Ih TAGUPA                      Vic 1.0


 Vic is currently the Executive Director of the League of Organic Agriculture Municipalities, Cities and Provinces in the Philippines (LOAMCP-Ph). LOAMC is a coalition of more than 140 mayors in the Philippines who are strong advocates of Organic Agriculture and are implementing various Organic Agriculture ordinances in their respective cities and municipalities. He is a member of the Xichong Innovation Committee, an expert group from various parts of Asia who are expert in the field of agriculture innovation based in Xichong, China. He is also the President of the Sustainable Agriculture and Family Centered Entrepreneurial Group of Co-creators Incorporated (SAFEGCC Inc.), a family farm learning site in the Philippines. Prior to this, he was the Executive Director of Sustainable Agriculture Center for more than 20 years.



Owner of Nordic Bio Group AS and Co-founder of Organic Waste Processing Company CJSC www.orwaco.am which is producing organic soil regeneration material by vermincomposting in Armenia. Much of the soil in the Caucasus and Eurasia is severely degraded and prone to desertification. Together with a group of eco agriculturalists, soil scientist, professionals from Savory Nordic Hub, BERAS International and OIKOS, Rolf has formulated the Multinational Soil Building Project. The MSB-project promotes the idea of creating holistic regenerative pilot farm projects in many countries, employing proven best practice. The MSB-project is also supported by “4per1000”. Regions having a culture with grazing animals like many countries in Africa, Caucasus and Eurasia are specially targeted. The prominent Soil Scientist Dr. Rattan Lal of Ohio State University, who is participating in the MSB-project group, is pointing out that “A mere two percent increase of  the carbon  content of the  plant’s soil could offset 100 percent of all greenhouse  gases going into the atmosphere”. The quickest way to achieve this and even negative carbon emissions, is through proven holistic regenerative grazing management on a large scale. At the same time of being a powerful climate measure, it will also provide nutritious food, good farm economy, sustainable employment and more. By joining the GAOD alliance we hope to open new international financing possibilities for pilot projects in a growing number of countries and regions.



Media Consultancy

Domenico    NICOLETTI


Architect, professor at the Salerno University, publicist journalist, current Director of the “Alta Murgia” National Park, member of the Technical Unit of the “Network for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention” RECEP – Council of Europe – Strasbourg, Secretary of the European Observatory Landscape of Arco Latino; Director of the European Group of Territorial Cooperation EGTC DIETAMED -International Study Center Mediterranean Diet Intangible Heritage UNESCO, Head of technical operational group “Campus Mediterraneo”. Latest publications: D.NICOLETTI and others E.L.E.A. – Experimental Lab For An Ecosystemic Advancement: Role and function of Biodiversity; The redesigned territory regains the value of its assets and rediscovers the generative role of the Polis. Current interests: Working Group MATTM and MEF on the results and budget indicators of National Protected Areas, Development of the Rome Charter for Natural and Cultural Capital, Tourism 4.0 needs and sentiment of tourists at various stages of the journey, contributing to evolution , promotion and development of offer and services.

Giuseppe         CILENTO


Mayor of San Mauro Cilento (Salerno), mamager of the agricultural cooperative “Nuovo Cilento” with 400 organic farms. Promoter of regenerative agriculture in Cilento territory.

D. Thangapandian


Director, Farm India
A Ceramic Engineer by profession, Mr. Thangapandian works in the field of magnetic material research & development both in India and abroad. He has developed strong working knowledge in Organic and Bio Dynamic Agriculture and imparts the same to students in schools & universities. He travels frequently to the Asia Pacific region as a consultant to various Chinese, Malaysian and Taiwanese industries. In India, he is involved with several Gandhian and academic institutions working for the upliftment of the under-privileged, particularly in career development for marginalized youth. Currently, he is working toward creating a model called “Collective Farming Through A Water Commune” to address the current problems of Indian agrarian communities.

K. Perumal, India

Claude Boudeulle, Biovallée, France

Lucas Dengel, India

Krishnamurthy S, India

V. Clement Joseph, India

Regina Sharmila Dass