1. 26 March 2020 – GoToMeeting: ALGOA – main objectives, partners and organization, leading roles/tasks within the network (Jennifer), Eco Regions – main objective, partners and organization (Salvatore), André Leu – Regeneration International, Research undertaken/planned relevant to Eco Regions (Cesare), Ecological Economics – from “green” to Ecological Economics, protective belt vs hard core, both actions and why we act, networks of relationships as nature shows us (Ove), Carbon drawdown by farmers as a positive climate action – can we make a simple structure for our common use (Rolf), A “common language” –  Guidelines – first proposal of an index (Salvatore), Discussions and way forward – involvement of the Working Group (ref MoU), invitation of other local governments (Tunisia, Pacific Islander Countries and Territories…), next meeting and who do we invite (Jostein).
  2. 15 April 2020 – GoToMeeting: Expectations from each of the members related to tasks and their availability to be involved, Discussions on Terms of Reference for the working group, Proposed MoU between ALGOA, IN.N.E.R. etc. and Regeneration International ( André Leu), Presentation of “OFT- Platform – Organic Farming Territories Platform”.
  3. 29 April 2020 – GoToMeeting: introduction to the Platform for the Global Alliance for Organic District (Salvatore), Opportunities for Biodistricts in small Pacific Islands, Karen, Organic school meals a report from work in Japan, Miyoshi, BERAS India and 7 Biodistricts (Local Learning Centers) (10 min.), “From seeds to societies” – a first overview of the process of developing common principles, The inclusive participatory process/food systems, Jostein, Agriculture, André, SOILOPEDIA, Rolf, Diet for a Green Planet, Sara/Helena (tbc), The ALGOA network of local governments, Li Feng, Inner Conditioning, Vic/Nicanor, First Steps, Cesare Zanasi.
  4. 20 May 2020 – GoToMeeting: Push and pull strategy for agriculture, André Leu, International Director, Regeneration International, “1000 organic villages” a project from the central Indonesian Government, Indro Surono, Indonesian Organic Alliance, Organization of our Alliance and working groups, Cesare Zanasi, Bologna Univ., IN.N.E.R.
  5. 4 June 2020 – GoToMeeting: 1. Denis LAIRON, Emeritus research director (INSERM, National institute of health) and OFSP Steering Committee member. Key note:  “Organic food consumption- a step forward for sustainability” Scientific data from the French Bionutrinet cohort study, 2. Federica Varini, Policy & Guarantee Coordinator: The role of IFOAM Organics International in the development of the global alliance, 3. Cesare Zanasi: Questions/clarification to the proposed Roadmap and Template 4. Salvatore BASILE: Online Platform, 5.Presentation from practical work in India (Mahesh, Ecopro, IFTRI and LEHO), Conclusion by Jostein Hertwig, OFSP.
  6. 26 June 2020 – GoToMeeting: Opening address by André Leu, 6th ALGOA Summit “Building Alliances Beyond Asia”, October 2020 by Jennifer Chang, Post Covid 19 pandemic action plan by  Vic I Tagupa, Organic Food Systems, Ideas on what they are and an update on the United Nations Core initiative by Carola Strassner, Sharing ideas of communication for our alliance by Oliver Gardiner, Ecopro Auroville, Tamilnadu India, by Dr. Lucas Dengel/ Mr.  Krishna, Online Platform, State of affairs and translation of basic content into more languages, by Salvatore Basile, Work Groups and involvement from all by Cesare Zanasi, Conclusion by Jostein Hertwig – OFSP.
  7. 22 July 2020 – GoToMeeting: 6th ALGOA Summit “Building Alliances Beyond Asia”(Oct 12th~16th, 2020, Goesan County, South Korea), Video clips from Oliver Samuel Gardiner, Regeneration International, Vision – Mission – Work Groups, Online Platform.
  8. 12 August 2020 – GoToMeeting: Nomination of two Co – Presidents for GAOD by Jennifer, 6th ALGOA Summit and the Book, Jennifer/Vic3.0/Jostein, Short videos from our global alliance to be presented at the Summit by Salvatore/Oliver, Update on vision, mission and Work Groups, Cesare
  9. 2 September 2020 – GoToMeeting: Welcome by our newly elected Co- President of GAOD Salvatore Basile, update/follow up of the 6th ALGOA Summit and the Book “Global Alliance for Organic Districts as models and living laboratories for transformation process towards sustainable food systems- Best Practices from Five Continents” (Jennifer/Vic/ Jostein), Vision, Manifesto and Inaugural Declaration ( Jennifer/Cesare), GAOD homepage and social media (Salvatore), Work Groups (Cesare), How do we practically/timewise include partners from all 5 continents/time zones such as from Americas, Pacific Islands etc (Karen/André).